The following articles are aimed at the transformation that comes only through Christ, they are an engagement in the discipleship process, a way to renew our minds, engage in culture, grow our biblical understanding of the world around us, and ultimately point us straight into the heart of God–that we might delight in Him and so become disciples of Christ who make disciples of Christ.


Core Values

Redeemer 101 Part 1: Gospel-Centered by Chris Gillespie

Redeemer 101 Part 2: Spirit-Empowered by Chris Gillespie

Discipleship at Home

Discipleship at Home by Keith Rodriguez

How Parents Can Follow Up with Sunday’s Lesson Throughout the Week by Laurén Heffner

Redeemer Kids October Bible Stories and Memory Verses

Redeemer Kids Discipleship Tools: November

December Discipleship Tools from Redeemer Kids

12 Days of Christmas: For Parents and Kids By Laurén Heffner

Kid’s Books: A Gift Guide By Laurén Heffner

Redeemer Kids: January Discipleship Tools

Future Hope

Future Hope Part One: “It All Started On The Third Day” By Chris Gillespie

Future Hope: The Church & Heaven By Nate Garn

Future Hope: Jesus’ Second Coming and Consummation of the Kingdom By Brian Riddle

Future Hope: The New Heavens and The New Earth By Keith Rodriguez


Advent: The Cross in Christmas by Keith Rodriguez

Waiting on the Messiah by Makaila Mobley

12 Days of Christmas: For Parents and Kids by Laurèn Heffner

Why Advent? by Nate Garn

Christmas: A Defiant Hope by Makaila Mobley

I’ll be Home for Christmas: Degrees of Glory Part 2 by Makaila Mobley

Beyond Busy: Planning a Life-Giving Strategy for your Family this Christmas by Laurèn Heffner

What I Found in the Messiah’s Eyes: Overcoming Depression at Christmas by Makaila Mobley

Missional Living

Submerged in His Story: What Does it Mean to Live Mission-Minded? by Makaila Mobley

The Shape of Our Mission by Makaila Mobley

Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life (a book review) by Laurén Heffner

Missional Living No Matter Where You Are: An Interview with Ron & Mary Mariani

Kayde in Kenya by Kayde Hays

Missional In Every Season by Mandy Moler

The City On a Hill A story by Laurèn Heffner

Missional Marriages: Matt & Rebecca Melendez

Missional Marriages: Andrew & Mandy Araujo

Cultivating Devotion & Delight

Anatomy of a Successful Community Group by Nate Garn

God’s Purpose & Pleasure in Work by Keith Rodriguez

Prayer that Brings Us Closer to God by Makaila Mobley

Jesus & the Lighthouse by Nate Garn

The Blessing of Communion by Nate Garn

Barriers that Can Keep Millennials from Walking in Jesus’ Freedom by Makaila Mobley

Truth & Beauty

Truth and Beauty Part 1: Beauty Defined by Makaila Mobley

Truth & Beauty Part 2: For God’s People by Brian Riddle

Truth & Beauty Part 3: Art is an Act of Love by Makaila Mobley

Meditations on the Character of God

*All articles in this series where written by Patrick O’Rourke unless otherwise stated.
*Video content was created by Sarah Torres, Andrew Tremblay, and Makaila Mobley

God Is Knowable

God Is _____

God is Knowable Study Helps

Reflections on “God is Knowable”

God is a Community

The Community of the Trinity

Meditating on the Triune Nature of God

Invited to the Feast by Makaila Mobley

God is Sovereign

God Is Sovereign

Meditating on the Sovereignty of God

Reflections on the Sovereignty of God by Makaila Mobley

God is All-Knowing

God Is All-Knowing

God is All-Knowing Study Helps

God is Everywhere

God Is Everywhere

God is Everywhere Study Helps

God is All-Powerful

God is All-Powerful

A Deeper Study on God’s Omnipotence

God is Holy

God is Holy

Further Study on God’s Holiness

God is Just

God is Just

A Deeper Study on God’s Justice

God is Love

God is Love

Because of His Great Love by Kristen Hernandez

God is Faithful

God is Jealous

Joel: Judgment & Deliverance

A Nation in Crisis by Nate Garn

The Ache of Eden in the Shadowlands of Sin by Makaila Mobley

Beat of the Warrior Heart by Makaila Mobley

Extravagant Grace by Makaila Mobley

God’s Faithfulness to His Church

God’s Faithfulness to His Church: Faith Alone by Keith Rodriguez

Caring for our Pastors by Brian Riddle

The Pursuit of a Faithful God: The Sosa Family’s Redeemer Story by Holly Sosa

The Blessing of Communion by Nate Garn