Reflections on “God is Knowable”

The Desire to be Known 

I desire to be known. Sometimes I think it might be my deepest, most fundamental need—to be known and loved. If I am created in the image of God, and we see in Scripture that God too desires to be known, then the depth of my own feeling over the matter must be a glimpse into his heart and just how deeply he longs for his people to know and love him.

This can be a difficult concept to consider because it might, at first, seem to suggest some deficiency in God, but to say that he longs for me to know him does not mean that he isn’t all sufficient whether or not I know him. Nevertheless, the longing is there in his heart, he does not protect himself from it. One might even conclude that because God is the only totally and completely whole-hearted being in existence, he feels the longing, its fulfillment, and rejection even more completely than we do. With God there is no fragmentation of the mind, no distortion of interpretation, no compartmentalization, not a single broken coping mechanism exists within him, he is whole-hearted and whatever my mind and heart are capable of, his goes further, deeper, fuller. He knows how to see a truth accurately, feel the fullness of it, and still stay whole.

More Ammunition to Love Well 

Doesn’t it follow that the more someone knows you, the more effectively they can express their love for you? If someone knows your ins and outs, knows what makes you tick, is familiar with your idiosyncrasies, they can love you more effectively, not only because their love is well-informed about what exactly it has formed its attachment to, but also because they can speak to your heart through their actions with greater potency. If someone knows you well, they have more ammunition to love you well—they have collected the data, gathered the intel and all of this information serves their ability to love you in a way that speaks the most to your unique personality composition.

And doesn’t it also follow that in a relationship between humans, the more well-defined one is with their desires, the easier it is to satisfy them. Someone who doesn’t know what they want is never truly satisfied. But a true expression of love is to lay one’s desires down as less important than another’s. Love says, “this is what I want, but what I want is not going to be my priority. What you want is going to be the thing that I pursue, that will be my chief priority”. And if it is a mutual relationship built on love, this attitude of putting the other’s heart above your own will be reciprocated.

His Heart is My Chief Priority 

I have found my walk with God to work similarly. He often prompts me to define my own desire and then asks me to lay that desire down and trust that it is a priority to him. If fulfilling my own desires where my top priority, I would quickly become a self-centered bulldozer hurting a lot of people on my way to fulfilling my dreams. But that doesn’t mean that my desires are not important, they are greatly important! They are a gift, unique to me and entrusted to me for the specific role that I get to play in God’s kingdom, they just are not my chief priority. Rather, I am to make God’s heart my chief priority and trust that he is reciprocating this love and care toward me.

So what makes God feel loved? Discovering that is my new mission in life. Approaching Scripture like a dear friend who is opening his heart and revealing his deepest desires to me. And just like when you make a mental note of what the people in our lives need in order to feel honored and delighted in, I want to do the same with God. Taking note of scriptures that indicate things that bring joy and gladness to his heart and then dedicate my life to making those things realities.

That was the inspiration behind the video we made for “God is Knowable”. We welcome you to watch it here now, and then go gather your intel on the vast and unfathomable heart of the God who knows you and loves you more than you can imagine.

Below you will find the audio of from the video:

Man’s voice:

“We wonder why we don’t have faith; the answer is, faith is confidence in the character of God and if we don’t know what kind of God God is, we can’t have faith.” (quote by A.W. Tozer)

Woman’s voice:

Lord, it is my prayer to know you well. I want to know the fabric of your personality so intimately so that I can respond to you as intuitively as my dearest friend. I want to trust you without question so that I may be entrusted with the things you value. May my knowledge of your capabilities and intentions grow until my trust puts me in position to respond to your slightest whisper… May I come to know your desires and purposes as well as my own so that I may honor you abundantly with my service. I long to see your your face, to hear your voice above all other desires. May the details of your heart become the delight of mine, for your heart is my chief priority…Let me know you well that I may love you well.

One thought on “Reflections on “God is Knowable”

  1. Bloggingandtea

    What an inspiring post to read! I fully relate and agree. God wants to have an intimate relationship with us. He wants a conversation where we share our thoughts, feelings and views with one another. Not a one way channel where we know who he was but who he is daily inside our lives. This has also brought a different perspective for me on the concept of humans wanting to be known. Not out of pride but by sharing the personality of God. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts out there. Def a post I want to come back to!


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