End of the Year Update

End of Year Giving 2017 BlogCover

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas cheer seems to be everywhere. It’s unbelievable to think that another New Year’s celebration is upon us, and it is even more amazing to see how God has worked within and outside of Redeemer Church to grow and expand His Kingdom. It is such a blessing to be a part of Redeemer Church, and a part of a people so committed to spreading the Gospel and seeing lives transformed. Most importantly, it is a common mission and purpose that drives each of us, which is the mission of making fully committed followers of Jesus who love God by loving others. I am so excited to share with you how God has grown Redeemer Church, supported and planted new churches through our affiliation with Acts 29, and has continued to bless us through your generous commitment to the Building a Legacy Initiative.

God has Grown His Church

Over the past year God continues to bless Redeemer Church with growth, and additional ministry opportunities. Over the past six months we have added a third worship gathering and have witnessed the church grow 10% over the past year. In essence, when Redeemer adds chairs to be filled, God brings more people to hear the Good News. We also continue to expand outreach to our local community through the Love Initiative and have given out thousands of food and clothing items over the past year. Internally, we have added additional personnel to Kid’s Ministry and have witnessed incredible growth in all of our youth related ministries. All of this is made possible through your generous donation of time, talent and financial resources.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.32.49 PM

God has Funded Church Planting

Redeemer Church joined the Acts 29 church planting network two years ago, and we have been privileged to witness expansion of Gospel-centered churches throughout the western region. There are over 94 Acts 29 churches in the western region, and through the financial contributions of each Acts 29 church, 31 new church plants have been brought about. Along with these, Acts 29 West actively supports 17 ongoing church plants, aiding these budding congregations with financial support, and ministerial leadership training. Redeemer Church staff has also been blessed to attend the Acts 29 West regional meeting for encouragement, training and fellowship with other Acts 29 churches. Your generous donations go to help us financially support church plants across 12 U.S. western states with a population of nearly 77 million people.

Acts29 West Map

God has Blessed the Building a Legacy initiative

Nearly four years ago the Building a Legacy vision was cast and Redeemer Church has been unbelievably supportive. When we started our main goal was to relieve the organization of existing debt in the amount of $655,000. We are excited to inform everyone that we have paid off $555,000, and are down to the last $100,000. We fully anticipate that this will be paid off by the end of 2018, and we will be well on our way to the next phase of Building a Legacy, which is to make much needed improvements to the main auditorium and the surrounding facilities. Along with this, we will have resources available to continue to expand funding for church plants in the Western United States, and to fund local outreach through the Love Initiative.

Building a Legacy Logo

Thank you! 

It is truly a joy to serve alongside all of you, to minister to the High Desert, to impact our community in tangible ways, and to see the Gospel spread to the lost through local ministry and through church planting. It is your generosity that allows our ministry to thrive, grow and invest in the Kingdom. We hope and pray that you have the same joy that the Redeemer Church staff has in seeing God at work. If you wish to make an end of year, tax deductible donation to Redeemer you can do so in our weekly worship gathering or online at redeemerhd.com/giving.

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