Prayer is a Partnership


Prayer, its where our hearts first enter God’s stories of glory. We pray because we want to align ourselves with the stories God will tell with cooperative hearts. Prayer is about partnership, its about covering, its about listening and responding.

This past year God has begun to teach me the difference between shrugging my shoulders at life and saying, “God’s going to do what God is going to do” to something much more active and cooperative. He has taken me from a fairly limp prayer stance to one of humility and boldness as I learn to submit to his leading and respond to the path he is carving in my life for his glory.

I used to think that humility and boldness where opposites, but they are not, both are actually required to submit to God in prayer. In prayer, we are positioning ourselves under God’s covering, we are taking refuge under the wing of the Redeemer. From that place, under his protecting wing, we learn to submit, we are close enough to hear his words, his heartbeat, to move when he moves and rest when he rests. Like Jacob wrestling God, we wrap our entire selves up in God from a position of bold humility, knowing that God is our only hope and we ask for things that only he can do so that we bear fruit as his disciples through this partnership.

In order to partner with God we must be cooperative people who take a stance of complete humility, believing that our leader knows best and is powerful enough to always ensure our victory, as well as a stance of boldness as we come to him expecting that victory and preparing ourselves to move and go and do and say whatever he leads us in. A person that is both bold and humble is the most cooperative person for a leader to partner with. That is why we pray with boldness and humility, aligning ourselves with God’s story of glory, determined to stay within the frame until we see that glory with our own eyes.

As we prepare the launch our new ministry season, we are pumped to turn our attention to prayer. God is moving and breathing life into our church and our community and He is inviting us to partner with him in boldness and humility to do more than we could ask or imagine.

We are calling this prayer movement Pray for the HD and we are learning how to get ourselves close enough to hear what God’s heart is beating for in our lives, our families, and our communities. The goal is to partner with God to bring his Living Water to our desert and this begins in prayer as we seek God’s face and hunger to see his fullness show up in our stories.

There will be several ways you will begin to see the Pray for the HD initiative pour out from our church in this coming season, the first of which is our Prayer Night which will kick everything off. To hear more about the vision and to join together in prayer for our community, come to Prayer Night on August 27 at 5pm at Redeemer Church and together we will begin this exciting journey to see what life God will create with Living Water flowing like a river through our desert.


Article by Makaila Mobley

High Desert Photo by Sarah Sotro Torres

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