Submerged in His Story: What Does it Mean to Live Mission-Minded?


Real life happens in the context of story. The substance of our existence is framed and rooted in setting and characters and conflict. The overarching direction of history moves in the rhythm of story. Creation, fall redemption—this is God’s idea, His framework, His story. And so we must examine what it means to live “on mission” in the context of this story.

What Does “Mission-Minded” Mean?

When we say as a church that we are “mission-minded” we mean in our everyday functioning, not just in the mission-trip sense, but actually living missionally here now, in our own neighborhoods, in our own communities, as well as anywhere else we might go.

A Surrendered Life

But we must be careful not to interpret being mission-minded as duty-driven service void of the flavors and layers of the story we are living in. Missional living is not something we do as an attachment to our already full lives. Missional living happens because we have decided to entrust ourselves to our King, Commander, and Creator who spins a stunning story with every surrendered life.

A Story Context

We must frame our mission in the context of story, otherwise our Christianity becomes detached and two-dimensional. Story is about relationships, about danger and adventure, conflict and obstacles. There is pain and hope and desire in stories. And this is how we live on mission, not by adding on another thing we have to do to be good people, but by truly bowing to Jesus as King and surrendering the nice, safe lives we think we want for eternally rich stories we can look back on and thrill at.

Faithful Endurance

And this takes faithful endurance because the characters in a story often face defeat and opposition.  And what about those times when the mission feels mundane, when you are trekking for weeks, months, even years in barren land and it becomes difficult to see the harvest before you. In all of this we must have the endurance to love our Lord and move on in peace and trust, and never give up the mission before us.

Let’s Start a Conversation

So what exactly is this mission? How do we define it? What role are each of us to play? And if there is anything standing in the way of our effectiveness, what is it and how do we remove these barriers to step from the fringe of God’s story into the pulse and rhythm of the action?

Throughout November, we will be exploring these very questions. We are going to camp out here in this idea of missional-living all month, having conversation, gleaning from the wisdom of others and listening to stories of how God has been at work in the lives of many within our church.

To kick us off I invite you to share your thoughts on the subject. We want to hear from you and together engage in a conversation of it looks like to live mission-minded.

Here is our first conversation starter:

What is the mission of the Church? And how do we as individuals live it out?

How would you define the goal of the church? Let us know either here or on our Facebook page.

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