Tools for Discipleship: How Parents Can Follow Up with Sunday’s Lesson Throughout the Week


The Heart of the Matter

Each year, in Redeemer Kids, we complete a walk through the Bible with supplemental reading from The Gospel Story Bible, by Marty Machowski. The hope is not just that they would understand the historical timeline as God’s Word reveals, but that they would also begin to see within these events the thread of our hope and salvation – Jesus. We are thrilled to find out what kids can recall each week, and we enjoy the questions that come our way, but it is even more exciting to see them applying truth to their heart. This kind of training with application is not just happening on Sunday morning. If we love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, then Biblical instruction is not something we keep in the “Sunday Morning” compartment of our lives, waiting to be revisited. Instead, in our homes, when we sit down and as we walk along the road, teaching Scripture bears fruit in every day word and action. So rather than viewing Sunday morning as an all encompassing, or primary, means of discipleship, we can see that this is one essential time of worship among seven days. And a life of worship says Christ is ruler of them all.

Tools for Discipleship

For families who are interested in more information about why every-day discipleship matters and what that looks like, please read Pastor Keith’s article, Discipleship at Home. In the mean time, we’d like to provide you with some ideas for following up with what kids are learning in Pre-K up to fourth grade here at Redee. Whether you are a new believer or you have enjoyed living as a child of God for years, our hope is that this would be a useful resource for your home as you determine how to lead your children in truth and love.

1. Help Each Other Learn the Memory Verse

Each month, we will be memorizing a new verse or passage. If you, as a parent, are new to memorizing God’s Word, this is an exciting way for you to participate with kids and challenge each other to know sections of the Bible by heart. On Sunday mornings, we use plenty of repetition. We play games to recall parts of the verse, and we say it back to each other. Have fun finding a method of memorization that works best for your family and encourage each other to keep working at it.

2. Follow Along in the Long Story Short

In addition to The Gospel Story Bible, Marty Machowski wrote a book of corresponding ten-minute devotions. Within one week of devotions, kids interact with the story in various ways. They will read and imagine what it looked like to be in the historical account, and answer questions for recollection and comprehension. They will look for ways Jesus is woven in and around this section of the Bible, and they will even begin to use cross-references for better understanding.

3. Look Ahead

We encourage you to keep track of the lesson plans for the month ahead. To do that, please check back here on the blog at the beginning of the month for updated information on the current memory verse and passages explored each Sunday morning.

By Lauren Heffner